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Campus Health

Benefits for Students

  • Increased Access to Healthcare

    • Virtual health care at any time from anywhere​

    • Including Behavioral and mental health addons.

  • 24/7 access

    • No lengthy forms to fill out. Request a consultation and receive care on average less than 15 min.​

  • Privacy

    • Treatment for common stigmatized health issue such as STDs, Pink Eye, and UTIs.

  • No Travel or Waiting Rooms

    • Busy schedules can more easily fit in a virtual visit, less missed classes and deadlines.

  • Cost Effective

    • No additional fees or co-pays. Embed in tuition so no out of pocket costs.

    • No charge prescription program available as well.

College Friends

Benefits for You 

Request a Proposal

  • Offer your students something not all programs offer. 

  • Relieve the stress on your brick and mortar medical facilities ensuring all students receive treatment.


  • Reduce the risk of dropping out due to illnesses.

  • Potential cost savings for duplicative services.

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